Windows Azure – Discover the Cloud and Win Cash!

Over the past few months, I’ve been working with a lot of student and professional developers enabling them to take advantage of promotions for building applications for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, such as the ongoing Keep the Cash.  If your head’s a bit more in the cloud – like the Windows Azure cloud – you might have felt a tad left out, but no longer!

Windows Azure Developer ChallengeCode Project is running Windows Azure Developer Challenge in which you could share in over $16,000 in prizes including a Surface RT, $2500, or ‘spot prizes’ of $100.

The contest is actually a series of FIVE challenges, each lasting two weeks, but hurry the first challenge ends this Sunday, the 28th! Each challenge has you progress through a key feature or component of Windows Azure incorporating that into your own idea for a web application that will be hosted on Azure, and each step of the way, you provide a narrative of your journey – what you learned, how you leveraged specific features, etc.

You’ll definitely want to check out the contest site for the full details and terms and conditions, but for your planning, here are the five challenges along with their run dates:

Getting Started: April 15th – 18th

Build a website: April 29th – May 12th

Using SQL on Azure: May 13th – May 26th

Virtual Machines: May 27th – June 9th

Mobile access: June 10th – June 24th


Grab your free, 90-day trial account now and get started!