WomenBuild at MDC

WomenBuild Orlando By now, I'm sure you've heard of the MSDN Developer Conference coming to Boston on January 22nd (and New York City on Jan 20th).  If you haven't, it's $99 for a day's worth of presentations in three tracks covering a host of topics that first got exposure at the Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles last October. 

In Boston, we've got a great line up of topics and speakers, but I want to bring to your attention another event that is part of this conference - the Lego® Serious Play WomenBuild Workshop.

The workshop will run from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (and, yes, guys are welcome!) with a focus on brainstorming ways to to make technology and careers in WomenBuild Orlando technology more accessible to women.  The cool part of all this is that you'll actually be using Lego® Bricks as a modeling tool to foster personal interaction and networking.  And all attendees will receive a Lego Serious Play WomenBuild kit as well.   This program was a hit at the PDC as well as at MDC events held earlier this month. 

Check out the video on Channel 10 below for a bit more information on what this program is all about, and then register for WomenBuild at MDC using the code: MDCWIT.

See you in Boston on the 22nd!


WomenBuild... inspiring career paths in technology



MSDN Developer Conference At a Glance

Event Keynote Amanda Silver
A Lap Around Cloud Services Michael Stiefel
Developing and Deploying Your First Cloud Services Ben Day
A Lap Around the Live Framework and Mesh Services Griff Townsend
Developing Applications Using Data Services Jim O'Neil
ASP.NET and jQuery Chris Bowen
Developing Data-Centric Applications Using the WPF DataGrid and Ribbon Controls Allan Da Costa Pinto
Building Business-Focused Applications Using Silverlight 2 Jesse Liberty
ASP.NET 4.0 Roadmap Fritz Onion
The Future of Managed Languages: C# and Visual Basic Richard Hale Shaw
A Lap Around "Oslo" Michael Cummings
Rosario: A Sprint with the Next Version of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Todd Mancini
Introduction to Microsoft F# Bob Familiar & Chris Bowen