How to maximize your Project Conference 2012 outcome!

We got asked how you – Microsoft Partners – could maximize the value of attending the Project Conference 2012.

You can review the “Top Reasons to Attend” that highlight networking, trainings and certifications, expo hall, sessions or just having fun during evening events among many PC12 highlights...

I’d like to emphasize the breath and depth of sessions offered. We have three tracks and we do offer deep technical sessions too – as Christophe recently discussed in his post.


Tailored specifically for you – partners we would like to Celebrate Project 2010 Momentum at during the Project Partner exclusive pre-day! This is a big partner celebration and thank you event to you all! Let me highlight three business and three technical sessions that I have hand-picked from the partner pre-day agenda. There is more exciting content – stay tuned!


Sessions Name




Project Business Update

Word from the Director of Project and Visio highlighting the Project 2010 Momentum, Project 2010 Solutions, Business Priorities and other Important news!

Chris Crane

Microsoft, Director of Project and Visio

Proven Practices on How PPM Partners Can Maximize Social Media

As traditional marketing and social media become increasingly adopted for building relationships with existing and prospective customers, what is the value of social media for PPM partners engaging in a business-to-business environment? Join Dux Raymond Sy of Innovative-e as he shares practical strategies, tips and best practices on how PPM partners can best maximize social media for marketing, brand awareness, customer engagement and sales acquisition. You’ll see real-world examples on how utilizing social media can generate legitimate results, including increased business leads and loyalty among existing customers. In this one hour session, you will learn how to: - Distinguish the value of various social media channels for your business initiatives - Establish relevant metrics for measuring social media success - Integrate social media channels with existing marketing initiatives and sales efforts - Drive a targeted social media campaign for brand awareness, lead generation, customer engagement and - Create a strategic social media roadmap for your organization

Dux Raymond Sy

Innovative-e, MVP, Managing Partner

Growing your business beyond PPM: Identifying other high value performance improvement business opportunities.

Microsoft’s rich technology platform makes it the perfect toolset for organizing, integrating and automating business processes and systems to drive improved organizational performance. Yet it remains poorly understood and significantly underutilized as an enabler of business strategy, value creation and ongoing process improvement. Through a number of real-world case studies this session will demonstrate a consistent, comprehensive and repeatable approach to improving the performance of your clients organizations with the Microsoft stack, helping you • Discover more opportunity in existing accounts, • Improve utilization of resources, and • Strengthen your trusted partner relationship.

Dave Healey

Chrysalis, Director of Services


Project Server Deployment Best Practices

Following the release of Project Server 2010 two years ago, I will provide an overview of common challenges customers and partners have faced and how to solve them.

Christophe Fiessinger

Microsoft, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Project Server Engagement Best Practices

In this session, you will learn how to structure your Microsoft PPM engagements without short-changing your customers with a weak technology component. MCS consultants will share their practical experience with the most common customer escalations reasons. You will hear a combined 20+ years of combined experience in this session which will provide a recommended approach developing Statement of Work, with critical deliverables and allocate the required technical consulting hours to provide a healthy EPM environment that will grow and evolve with your customers and lead to a successful deployment of 100+ implementations.

Jean-Francois LeSaux, Gary Crich

Microsoft , Architects, Microsoft

Latest Product Updates & Troubleshooting Best Practices

Brian and Adrian will be discussing with our Partners the recent February Cumulative Update release, some other key fixes that are coming down the line and also sharing some of the top issues that support are finding with Project Server 2010. Discussion will then move to troubleshooting and the skills we expect to be present in our partner community. Additionally they will share details of the increased use of automated diagnostics within the broader support organization at Microsoft, and the plans to release a much requested external version of our Project Server diagnostic tool commonly known as the P14ACTool. Time will be available for questions too. For a more detailed troubleshooting drill-down your relevant technical resources should come along to PC319 and PC349 – Best Practices Troubleshooting Project 2010 Deployments – Part 1 and 2.

Adrian Jenkins, Brian Smith

Microsoft, Senior Support Escalations Engineers, Customer Support Services



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