Project Conference top 20 sessions announced!

We have announced top 20 sessions this week to show the overall direction and content of the Project conference 2014.

As you know we plan to host 100 sessions at the conference, 40 of those will be delivered and led by Microsoft and 60 coming from you - the Project community – partners, customers, MVPs, analysts, industry experts and other project enthusiasts. We have seen a record interest in the call for content for Project Conference 2014 - and received around 240 submissions! Thank you!

We have triaged the list of submissions with Mark and Tad – have chosen the top 20 and marked all 240 sessions with priorities. In the coming weeks we will follow-up with many of you to clarify questions about your submissions. We assume the big responsibility to choose “THE 60” from all 240 submissions  – and you can be assured we take it very seriously and we all spend significant amount of time understanding and studying your submissions.

If you have submitted your session proposal – we will let all of you know by 11/15 if you submission was accepted or not.

Thanks everyone for your sessions ideas and proposals!