Why is Office 365 important to all PPM partners?

I have just co-presented Project Online in the Office 365 session in the Enterprise Briefing Center. There is a LOT we all need to know about Office 365 to be able to effectively sell Project Online because the two products have so much in common. I learned a TON about Office 365 and I hope we were able to deliver a COHERENT message to our customer.

Have you registered for the Office 365 Ignite yet? Not necessarily to see Brian, Jan or Raja talk about Project but to learn about Office 365, Exchange, Lync, Yammer that will help you grasp the value proposition, power and competitive advantage of the Microsoft platform.

I plan to attend the first three events – but not necessarily to cover the Project track, but most importantly to listen to other presenters and the questions partners will be asking. See you there – I think that you’d be fools to let go such a great educational opportunity!