10 Reasons to Love Microsoft

I read a lot of the Weblogs, Inc Network content. Its just good stuff and they hire good bloggers. Amongst all the hatred you experience as a Microsoft employee it's nice to see a post more in line with the holiday spirit. Though the comments aren't as nice as the post... at least the post was positive.


3. We love Microsoft's recent openness.

So many Microsoft employees write blogs. Whether it is an astute marketing ploy or not is yet to be determined, but hearing from the likes of Omar Shahine and Chris Pratley *is a good thing. The spread of blogging throughout Microsoft has added a humanizing quality to the company that you can't imagine coming from other tech behemoths like IBM or (especially) Apple. *****

4. We love Microsoft's remarkable agility in the marketplace.

Microsoft is huge, and should, by definition, be slow. While some may argue they are actually slow to move, we are hard-pressed to find a better example of a mega-company adapting, and ultimately, dominating its space like Microsoft. Some companies talk a big game (yes, Scott McNealy, everyone is staring at you right now) while their core market implodes; Microsoft has, so far, avoided this collapse.