Ever Received a Poor Response from Microsoft?

I feel like I'm asking for trouble here, but I'm trying to find examples where our responses to your questions have left you...

  • More confused than you were before
  • With a bad taste in your mouth about dealing with Microsoft
  • Could have been worded better
  • Not feeling respected as a customer
  • Feeling like it didn't exlain the solution/problem in your terms (MS-only acronyms, passing the buck to other internal teams, etc)
  • Etc

If you aren't comfortable posting your example in public as a response here then feel free to send the example directly to me (jledgard@microsft.com ).  I'm not trying to get anyone fired and would actually prefer if the names were changed to "protect the innocent".  What we are looking for are good real world "anti-examples" that could be used in training materials given to employees that want to learn "Customer Interaction Best Practices". 

Oh, I'll take your positive experiences as well.

Thanks in Advance

Edit: To clarify. While hearing about communication through official channels is interesting... I'm more interested in examples where the person responding was someone who's full time job was not to talk to customers.  Good examples include MS employee participation in newsgroups, resonces to MSDN Feedback items, or answers to questions in blogs.