Feedback Request on Visual Studio 2005 Look & Feel

Aaron is responsible for a lot about how Visual Studio looks, feels, and behaves as an application.  He's looking for some feedback about Visual Studio 2005 and has some specific questions.  Feel free to leave your comments/suggestions here:

I know my opinions count less since I work here, but my biggest complaints are mirrored by the community. 

  • New tabs should not open on the left.  It just puhes the files I care about in large projects off the screen. 
  • I still want to be able to tear off both windows and document objects onto my second or third monitor.  Influencers use multi-monitors and I'm sticking to it. :-)
  • VS 2005 looks WAY better than VS 2003. Sometimes lipstick on the pig can go a long way. 
  • I love the new tool window docking UI... a very slick solution to a common/hard problem.
  • I wonder when we'll have "ribbons" too. You think word has too many hidden commands... try digging through our menus in team suite.
  • Tools->Options is a mess.   "Show all Options" is a start, but really just hides the problem.  

Of course I should share some of the responcibility here since I was the test lead for a while on the IDE team.

Feel free to take Aarons survey and let him know what you think.  Your opinions really do make a difference.