From your complaints… An update on the bugs filed

editor does not support incremental search in a read-only file.

Still active, we are hoping to fix this.


Request for seperate font settings for Memory
debugger toolwindow

This has been fixed in recent Whidbey builds!


navigating to task list items in collapsed
regions is annoying

Still active. I hope we fix it.


Task list request to allow default views to
stay the default

We’re going to improve the task list filtering in Whidbey and make it more usable
and less aggravating.  (I’m paraphrasing
our PM)


Editor Back and Forward should listen to Mouse
navigation keys

Still active. I’m also pushing for this.


Asp.NET user request for "Copy File" Command

From our Project Team PM “There is an easy
workaround to this - you can either copy the file in the solution explorer or copy
the file on disk.”

User Request for one time "Sync to Solution

Would be nice, but we won’t be able to get to it in Whidbey.  Keep
your fingers crossed for future versions or powertoys. J

Customer request for history in property pages

Postponed. No time from the debugger team. But they like the suggestion.


View.NavigateBackward should remember scroll
position as well as caret position

Still active. Fingers crossed that we get to it.