Great Tech-Ed Attendee Quotes from Internal Trip Report

This morning James sent around his Tech-Ed “trip report”.  I particularly enjoyed this statement that I asked for permission to re-print publicly.  Someday, maybe James will have a blog he can post the full report to. :-)

Customers are enjoying our partnership - I talked to several partners at the VSIP dinner on Tuesday and many of them have expressed their satisfaction in partnering with us.  Specifically, one customer (name removed since I didn't ask for his permission)told me how responsive we have been to their technical problems, and that he is very happy about how we have helped them.  He compared his experience with Microsoft to his experience with with SAP and he said there is simply no comparison.  He indicated that SAP had no desire to help his team after they sold his team their products, was never responsive and took at least a month to resolve any issue.  He said "I have heard a lot of people bashing Microsoft, but if those people have tried working with you guys and all the other companies, they will know the difference.  They will start loving Microsoft."  Solving customer's problem goes a long way in improving customer satisfaction, gaining customer loyalty and establishing a long term relationship with them.  I would encourage all of you to go out of your way to help our customers whenever they need help.  Even in areas that you are not familiar with, you can connect them with the right people in the company to solve their problems.

Would you agree?