Help Shape the VS PowerToys 2.0 Site

I've formed a virtual team inside Microsoft whose mission is to shape the future of the Visual Studio PowerToys site. Since this site was created for customers we figured we might as well involve customers in the design of the PowerToys 2.0 site.  Consider yourselves part of our virtual team if you'd like!  We don't even have a spec yet or a vision yet, but you can start giving me your feedback now on what the 2.0 site should be.  I'll share our drafts and progress here along the way to get your feedback.

For reference the 1.0 site went live in June 2003 with the following vision:

To help customers get more out of current releases of VS .NET through the release of cool tools from Microsoft that unblock requested scenarios or otherwise make life with VS .NET easier.

The 2.0 vision needs to be adjusted slightly to accommodate the following concepts. 

  • Cool tools are not only developed by Microsoft.  The site needs to be a place for non Microsoft tool developers to list their cool tools as well.
  • A tool does not have to be VS .NET specific.  For example: A tool could be something that extends the Windows Task Manager if it helps developers.
  • Customers need to know when new tools are added.
  • Customers need to find which tools are the best.
  • ???

I'll start by asking the same question I asked our virtual team.  Where do you go now to find tools you need to aid your development once you've already installed your IDE of choice?