I, for one, welcome our new SPAM overlords

Today is the day I deleted an alias created for the Powertoys blog because I made the mistake of publicly asking people to send mail to it. For some reason, our internal spam filtering didn’t seem to be working as well for this alias as it does my personal one. We all did enjoy a good laugh at the thought of one day purchasing your fine horse textile products, sending money to win the freedom of your kidnapped leaders, and even accepting your request for emergency medical technicians to help sick children. The new alias now hides behind the comment form, but, from today’s events, I can see it won’t be hiding for long. The new SPAM overlords have arrived and chosen to disagree with everything you say, but still provide the same comedic value as they have in the past.

Well, Mr. I do have some responses to your comments.

I said:If I do real well I won’t have a job

You said: My work colleague read this and I am not an expert on all this

I say: I admit that the statement is rather contradictory. Perhaps you should ask your colleague, and he can fill you in on the details you chose not to read.

I said:Keep your complaints coming

You said: Is that true? I am not an expert on the subject matter

I say: Really… I have to imagine you hear all sorts of complaints with regard to your activities.

I said:Visual Studio User Settings: Window Layouts

You said: Hi, I have to say that I found some technical inaccuracies with what you have written

I say: Strange, I could have sworn I was the test lead for the IDE team for 2 years and would have understood how it worked by now. Please, let me know where my explanation was lacking.

I said:Software Testing Problems Part 2: Your Talents

You said: Hi, I have to say that I am not totally offay on what you have written

I say: I have no idea what “offay” means. Please edyoumakate me with your writing talents.

I said:I'm #2 for salt shaker testing!

You said: em... Have you tested this?, I am not 100% on the main points you mentioned, however could you clarify the last point?

I say: You’re right. I haven’t tested this lately. I’m actually #1 now!

I said:I’m Joining the Dark Side of Program Management

You said: My work colleague read this and he disagrees with the blog above.

I say: Your work colleague obviously doesn’t know much about being a PM.


I said: “ Think about testing from the customer perspective

You said: That would hardly work would it?, I have to disagree with what you have written

I say: You’re right. What do I know? I’m a PM now.

I said:The Chicken or the Egg

You said: em... Have you tested this?, I found some technical innacuracies with the last section, in the posting

I say: I’m sorry. It’s a hard question

Ok, while some of your randomly generated comments may have amused me, I’m actually not pleased. It's people like you that force me to have an invite only public e-mail, validate the fears of employees that would otherwise talk to customers in public more often, raise the price of my bandwidth, disturb the flow of quality conversations, and cause me to waste countless hours deleting your messages so that I don’t actually help raise your google ranks. I’ve tried to report you, but sure it won’t do any good. If you want to make a quick buck on the internet why not just set up a porn site like a normal deviant would? I guess that would probably be too upstanding for your kind. Oh well, we’ll just have to make the software better in order to make up for your lack of ability to bring home the bacon with any real talents.

I was wrong; the new blog SPAM overlords suck much worse than the old e-mail ones.