Introducing the Scooblog Loyal Reader Reward Program

Hello Scooblog readers!  If you read my blog and have a blog then please leave a link below. I’d like to read your blog too.  I’m looking to shake up my subscribed feeds list and the first thing I want to accomplish is make sure that I’m listening to my readers. 

If you don’t have a blog, but read mine then I’d still like to hear from you too. Tell me what you like, don’t like, and want to see more of from this blog.  My blog is not a democracy, but I want to understand who reads this blog and why. 

I met several people at Tech-Ed that told me they read my blog, but I was ashamed to admit that I didn’t know who they were. I want to change that.  How does knowing who you are reward you, my loyal readers? 

  1. You’ll be sure to get one more reader of your blog.
  2. By reading your blog I’ll understand what sort of content would be more interesting to you and possibly create more of that type of content. 
  3. I’m going to create a “Scooblog Reader Blogroll” list on the side of this blog.  I’ll add you to the list.  Maybe you’ll find new blogs this way as well. 

Not subscribed to Scooblog?  Check out the subscription options here then drop me a line.