IOD: Roll-Up Sections on Wiki Pages

From our team meeting today when we were discussing how to share status across our own team and other teams that are interested in the work we are doing to enable their customer connection oppertunities... We decided there should be a way to define a section of a wiki page that is automatically rolled up as a feed into the parent page. The parent page could then define the sections that roll up in that pages parent within the hierarchy and so on.  This way we could define a hierarchy similar to:

Team Home Page

->Project Home Page

-> Sub Project Home Page

Then, when the owner of the sub project updates his "what others should know" section it is rolled up to the Project home page.  Then that page can define what else from itself or sub pages goes into the team home page.  I'm not sure if this all sounds too confusing, but it makes perfect sense in my head. Anyway, we're going to try out the process manually first. I'll bet there are some complicated steps one could take to make sharepoint do this automatically today. :-)