IOD: Send us your videos... Channel9 Style

I can't take total credit for this one.  Our team was brainstorming on how to get people internally to care more about providing great responses to help customers. One technique, that some teams have had success with, is actually bringing customers on-site to talk to their teams.  This works pretty well when the customers all live in the area, but no-one really has the budget to fly in customers just to get there comments on what it's like to work with us and use our products.  Then we thought... why not ask customers to send us videos of themselves answering some basic questions, demoing their favorite tool, or showing us how they use our tools?  

This came to me as I spent the morning in a state of excited terror doing a whirlwind tour of 30 visual studio devs in 90 minutes with a Channel9 camera in chase.  I think we wore Scoble out. 

Back to the idea.... Would anyone be willing to do this? The main questions we would love to hear an answer for is...

Can you describe your experience(s) communicating with Microsoft? What venues did you use? What were the results of the communication? If the response(s) you received were less than satisfactory could you describe what could have made the response(s) better?  Describe your level of satisfaction with your communication with Microsoft. 

Feel free to leave your answers below as well, but if you can digitize your explanation in video form... that would be super cool.  Plus you could also do a Channel9 style demo of your software. Any takers?