Jeremy Kelley Joins the Developer Solutions team

So, technically, he joined a while ago, but he didn't have an active work related blog I could point to until Monday of this past week.  Jeremy is going to do some PMing and some development work on IDE and developer platform related Power Toys that we'll be releasing on Codeplex. His first project is going to be creating a "Pack Installer" that we'll use to aggregate multiple, related,  Power Toys into one install expereince for customers. 

I believe a hello is in order!

...I will certainly be using this space to post announcements about the team and our releases. I'll also be sharing any great tips I find for working with the Microsoft development environments. And one of the most important things I'll be using this space for is to get your feedback and suggestions. I'll do my best to respond to questions people leave in comments here or to get any suggestions people have, whether they be PowerToy related or otherwise, routed to the appropriate place.