Joining the Dark Side of Program Management

I’ve “joined the Dark Side”, as my more technical friends would say, and decided to become a Program Manager. After spending four years as an SDET and then SDET Lead working on Visual Studio IDE features, I’ve decided it was time for a change. The whole community initiative growing inside Microsoft is something I’ve been helping out on in a part time fashion, and I realized that to do the job I wanted to do it meant a full time commitment. So, the 50 thousand foot view is that I’ll be working to increase developer division customer satisfaction through our community participation efforts. I will also helping to shape the vision for community features to be built into and complimentary with Visual Studio. I’ll be working for Mark Cligget and in the short time I’ve been working with him I’ve been impressed with his vision in this space for Microsoft. I will mostly miss the time spent working with my team and helping them each play to their strengths while having fun.