Responding to a VSS Bug Report

The community wins just keep coming across my desk today. Perhaps that’s because I sent out a request for them…

Came across a very nice post to reference during your community report as a good customer experience:

Subject: Archive/Restore problems resolved


Newsgroups: microsoft.private.whidbey.sourcesafe

Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 14:47:23 -0700

> This problem is not unique to the Alpha of VSS 2004, but since I cannot

> discuss the alpha in the public newsgroup I bring it up here first.


> I archived a project using VSS 6.0c. Then I have restored the archive

> on three difference machines, running VSS 6.0c, VSS 6.0d and VSS 2004.

> The project looks nice, and I am able to get files to disk using the GUI.


> However, when I run a build program which uses the automation interface,

> Get fails with Version not found on the machines with 6.0d and VSS 2004.

> On the 6.0c there are no problems. There is a difference between 6.0d and

> VSS 2004. On the 6.0d machine, the Get operation appears to be successful

> for a few files, but for no file at all on VSS 2004.

I posted the above way back in August, and on request I filed a bug

report. Now, I tried to use the build program in the April Community Build, and guess what: it now works flawlessly. Great work! Thanks a lot!

Customers appreciate when we act on their feedback 8)

Yes, yes they do. :-)