Scooblog on Corporate Transparency

Last week I took the time to write up my thoughts on Corporate Transparency while no one was looking. There is no part 5, but I needed a post where I linked to all four entries and provided an abstract for my own reference that I could point people to. This is it.  I'll also add that continuity is hard. 


In this series, I explored the creation of a transparency guide that would help people ask good questions about the costs and values when deciding whether or not to open up an aspect of your business for customer involvement. I covered the basic components of transparency that included reflection of reality, ease of understanding, timeliness, and completeness. Part Two examined the fears associated with it, including reputation, privacy, and loss of IP, liability, and competitive advantage. Part Three looked at potential customer gains including education, feedback opportunities, education, and trust building. Finally, I embarked on a small experiment to compare the open source world to Microsoft - taking into account the first three posts.

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