Scooby Snax: My Filming and Editing Debut

My Filming and Editing Debut: I just finished posting Devdiv's first "self produced" channel9 videos.  We go through the end to end process of testcase analysis. Blame me if you get vertigo while watching these. I gained much respect for Scobles filming abilities. Its going to take me a while to get these videos near his quality.

  1. Sara Ford - Introduction to DevDiv's Test Case Management System
  2. Sara Ford - Investigating a test case failure in the lab
  3. Sara Ford - Analyzing a Test Case Failure
  4. Sara Ford - Finding and Logging a Bug

I really can't claim I had much to do with the editing. I pretty much used the four largest segments of video that Windows Movie Maker picked out for me. I was impressed with this product that comes for free with windows. It did everything I needed.

If you have any feedback about these videos let me know.