Spot the hidden Ajax in the latest MSDN Forums Release

I just knew there was at least one use for Ajax in the web forum world.  The Microsoft.Com forums team turned the key on their latest release today that includes just a sprinkle of Ajax.  Can you find it from the site?  You'll have to be a member to notice is the hint I'll give.

I think the effect is too subtle and hidden today, but we should be able to improve it over time to make the feature really stand out and be of high value.  I'm just waiting for google to add this to groups and have it called the best thing since sliced lettuce. 

Big thanks and congratulations to the Forums team for shipping not 1, but 2 things today.  Too bad I can't show you the other.  :-)   If you have feedback on the new look/feel of the forums site feel free to post it here.

In related news... the /MSDN site will soon no longer by the only adopters of this forum project at Microsoft.  Not sure I can give away who should be launching their own forum site tomorrow, but it's a big M.  :-)