Strange Googlings: The Madlib

(Google searches that led to my blog in bold)

Ahhhh, the same Red Sox that lost to the yankees in game 7 (thanks for the reminder) are losing big today to the Dodgers. What better time to look through my referral logs from the last few weeks for more strange googlings.

Funny looking kittens and penguins looking for revenge appear to be searching for information on how to beat people with sticks, how to train aggressive dogs, penguin attacking people videos, and the best way to beat old people. Apparently old people should stay out of the forest for a while and be wary of penguins that attack in the night armed with dogs, sticks, and video cameras. I, for one, welcome or new overlords. If you don’t, then kick a penguin today.


With baseball season upon us, Red Sox fans still believe that the Yankees are bad for baseball and haven’t given up looking for a replacement for Babe Ruth. Some think they have no further to look than at the colorful history of many Ramirez, but I prefer to think that bringing Curt Shilling online will have the bigger impact on the season.

Proof of what happens when good people get bad names and that noone should name their daughters Candy, Misty, or Porsche; sexy street people, who are growing bored with their strip club edicate, are trying to find out why it is good to steal. As always, these former Jerry Springer flashers are looking for ways to cover their tracks by finding out “where does my computer save my internet browsing”.

Some people think that I’m scobleizing myself. Some people might say “josh ledgard is stupid”. If you have these problems you might want to run the beta of josh block 2005. But, if you are looking for good blogs to read, someone who (according to google) is on the A-List, someone who has a sexy blog, or someone who believes the best software testing is about love then look no further. Unfortunately, if you are looking for pictures of monkey butlers, are trying to figure out what popscile sticks are made of, or who is a famous person that is trustworthy ,you will have to look elsewhere.

As always…“They think they are bears

- josh