The problem with subscribing to guidance feeds

I think next-gen guidance is about bringing together a lot of key concepts:

  • context-precision (using context to organize information)
  • personalization (create your own views, tailor it for your needs, ... etc.)
  • community type ratings (expose the thinking and rate the raters for the guidance)
  • guidance types (evolvable schemas for guidance types, such as how tos, guidelines, checklists, patterns ...)
  • Folksonomy over taxonomy

Source: J.D. Meier's Blog : Guidance 2.0

The concern I have is over the missing relevance engine. It's hard for me today to separate the guidance signal from the noise of feeds I'm subscribed to today.  Tags don't really help solve the problem of knowing what guidance I really need. Some of those needs only come up in real time... and I'm going to have to search, but some of the best practices should be feedable with a customized relevance engine.