VBCommenter v1.2 Released with Many Fixes

Background: The VBCommenter is an addin for VS 2003 that gives you the ability to automatically generate XML comment headers in the VB .NET editor similar to what the C# editor automatically generates. It will also generate the XML comment file to go along with your VB assemblies at build time.


Today I fixed some bugs, verified existing fixes in the workspace, and did some final tests before spinning the current workspace code into the 1.2 release.  I have also created a zip file release of the source code.  This means that if you only want to look at the source code or simply recompile it for VS .Net 2002 you no longer have to join the workspace. 

Barring any large regressions this release will likely be the last one I provide for the tool.   I've reached the end of my intended roadmap with the tools, consider it to be relatively mature, and the functionality it provides will come by default with the VS 2005 release. 

In other words... you won't need it once you have VS 2005. :-) There are obviously some known issues with the add-in, but from the mail I receive I know it is serving the intended purpose well for many VS 2003 and VS 2002 users as is.  At this point I'd like to focus my personal coding efforts on the VSCmdShell project.

I will continue to own the workspace and If you would like to continue improving this tool and create a new release I can give you the rights to upload a new tested release.  I simply ask that you have someone verify your changes and compare the XML output to the testcase projects expected xml files.

Many thanks to the workspace members who contributed to this release especially Tor-Erik for several of the fixes and ManyMonkeys for verification of numerous bugs.  Also thanks to Harold and the other blog readers who downloaded the code for me last week when I was unable to access the workspace source control.


Release Notes

This release addresses several of the problems that a lot of people have been e-mailing me about including:

Fixed bug #98 "System.NullReferenceException (v1.1.1) Problem with Winforms" and all dupe issues.

Fixed bug #136 "Memory leak When Inserting Comments" and all dupe issues.

Fixed bug #133 "Dragging any Comment Lines Crashes the IDE" and all dupe issues.

Fixed bug #132 "Problems with commenting web services"

Fixed bug #126 "XML file is not generated for Solution with Database project"

Fixed bug #123 "Adding helper link to this doc file"

Fixed bug #111 "Issue with attributed return values"

Fixed bug #102 "Incorrect XML created for mixed access constructor"

Fixed bug #101 "Issues with Select All and Tab"