We Got Your Back: Measuring Success

One reason that my team (Developer Division Customer Connection Team) exists is to ultimately raise developer satisfaction. Its our belief that we can effect satisfaction by improving the product group team connections with their customers.  Its always hard to measure the short term success of these efforts, but finding posts like this is great subjective fodder that we are on the right path.

"Why is it that Microsoft can command such loyalty that when a new CTP of Whidbey comes out they'll drop everything and install it even on Xmas Eve (besides being a hapless geek)? Why do I Blog and do community service unpaid so much? Here's one good reason. When I got home yesterday from work, there was not one but two Christmas presents from Microsoft. One was a hand-written card from my MVP Lead personally thanking me for my community contributions all year along with a DVD of goodies. The other was a big box from the PAG group GPM Sandy Khaund containing new books "