mini forum hiatus to catch up on Real Work

When our last divisional email from Joe came out this past Friday, it turns out I was #1 in DevDiv and #3 in Microsoft overall in the MSDN forums with 219 answers in the last 30 days.  A lot of that was thanks to my 4-month-old son and his (nocturnal) culinary habits. :)  I got a chance to explain to Brian how my mental state at ~3am isn't conducive to coding, but I can still muster answering questions.  His response (given he has 4 kids) was somewhat expected - "I've been there before :)"

Well, speaking of my son, the 6-month deadline on my 4 weeks of paid Microsoft paternal leave is coming up (when the child has their 6-month birthday, you have to be back at work - or taking unpaid leave :), so I've only got a couple weeks left of Real Work Time until we all head out to the beach for a couple or so weeks.

Because of that, it'll probably be around 6-7 weeks or so until I'm back on the forums with the kind of frequency that drove the 219-answer-a-thon.  Thankfully there's still tons of useful MSFT (both product group and CSS) and MVP helpers (and others, too!) out there, so I think everything will be fine.

Why bother posting this?  To have a url to send to people that will inevitably ask me in 1.5 weeks why my stats are dropping :)