What TFS admin screencasts are needed?

Recently we've been realizing that while we have docs around many of our administrative scenarios (back, restore, move-to-new-hardware, move-to-new-domain, etc), the docs often have so many steps (unfortunately - we're working on that by trying to create better tools) that it still ends up with a process that's fragile.

We've been thinking about other methods to convey the necessary steps involved, and screencasts have been brought up as an alternative.

So, the questions are:

  • Are screencasts needed?  Are they worth us doing?
  • Assuming yes, which ones are most needed / most important?
  • Have there been any specific steps in one of our docs that you found difficult to understand, but feel that a screencast showing the steps in action would help significantly?
  • Are there things besides screencasts you feel would help out the TFS administrator? (besides better tools, which I already mentioned we're working on :)