Now hiring: Internet Explorer Technical Evangelist

My team is also hiring a Technical Evangelist to focus on Internet Explorer.  The goal of the IE evangelist (IEvangelist?  not bad for a business card title…) is to help the web developer community take best advantage of new features and security mechanisms in IE 7.  The job description has a bit more detail, but it really comes down to helping the community understand how to create the possible experience in IE.  For some developers, “best possible experience” might mean “identical to the experience in every other browser.”  For others, “best possible experience” might mean “I want to take full advantage of every extensibility point and programmability feature to build the possible interface for my users”.  Either way, the IEvangelist will need to understand how to best support the developer.


If you’re interested, please submit a resume and get in touch with me.  Send me your list of top 3 things you would do as an evangelist to help the web dev community.


I’d be happy if search engines noticed that this post is about “Microsoft evangelism jobs” ;)

[update: modified link to actually point directly to the job description, since MS.COM seems to have changed the format of their permalinks]