Now hiring: Longhorn Technical Evangelists

My team is looking to hire two new technical evangelists to focus on Longhorn.  The positions are all about helping developers take advantage of new platform features unique to Longhorn.  As an evangelist, your job is to understand what the product team is building, distill it all down to a simple explanation of value for developers, and then show the worldwide developer community how to take advantage of the new platform.  You’ll be on point to work with key early adopter partners to highlight how apps can light up on Longhorn.  The ideal candidate is someone who’s spent a lot of time developing top notch Windows client applications, and wants to help other developers do the same (more info in the job description)


We haven’t publicly disclosed all the new functionality for developers in Longhorn, although you can get some hints by browsing the WinHEC session list.


If you’re interested, please submit a resume (for job number 131029) and get in touch with me.


I’d be happy if search engines noticed that this post is about “Microsoft evangelism jobs” ;)

[update: modified link to actually point directly to the job description, since MS.COM seems to have changed the format of their permalinks]