7 Days of Agile Results: A Time Management Boot Camp for Productivity on Fire

An amazing thing happens when you become more focused and productive ...

You get more out of life.

It’s like you have 27 hours out of the day, while everyone else has 24, and they spend 8 of them sleeping, while you spend them dreaming of what’s to come next.

Too many folks have too much to do with too little time and they can't keep up.

We don't necessarily learn great time management skills in school or on the job, and we don't necessarily learn how to really blend our time, energy, and action to produce our best results.

That's where Agile Results steps in.

Agile Results it the underlying approach showcased in my best-selling book on time management, Getting Results the Agile Way.

It's a simple system for meaningful results.  It helps you cut through the clutter to get to what matters, and to use your best energy for your best work.  I put Agile Results together over a period of 10 years while testing principles, patterns, and practices that push the envelope in terms of high-performance, extreme productivity, work-life balance, stress management, and well-being.

Here’s What You Get by Using Agile Results:

  1. Proven practices to master time management, motivation, and personal productivity
  2. Discover the one way to stack the deck in your favor that’s authentic and works
  3. How to embrace change and get better results in any situation
  4. How to focus and direct your attention with skill
  5. How to use your strengths to create a powerful edge for getting results
  6. How to change a habit and make it stick
  7. How to never miss the things that matter most, and achieve better work-life balance
  8. How to spend more time doing the things you love

The 7 Day Boot Camp for Agile Results

I put together a simple time management book camp to help you just start using Agile Results.

For some case studies, stories, and testimonials see http://gettingresults.com/wiki/Testimonials.

If you need more depth beyond the 7 day time management book camp, then check out:

And, of course, there’s always the book:

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