Hitting Refresh on Getting Results the Agile Way

Agile Results is a personal productivity system for learners, leaders, achievers, and even productive artists.

With Agile Results you’ll improve your focus, master your motivation, develop a growth mindset, and use your strengths to compound your results.

It’s effectively a whole person approach to productivity to help you realize your full potential while making progress on meaningful results.

I did a major overhaul of Getting Results the Agile Way:


I made a lot of changes so I’ll try to summarize them here.

You’ll notice a very simple tag line:

“Better energy, better results.”

You’ll find it easier to get started with Agile Results:

Get Started with Agile Results

You’ll enjoy a much simpler menu experience that organizes the entire site:

Articles | Books | Courses | Topics | Resources

You should find it way easier now to browse resources by key topics.  I created Hub Pages for the following topics:

You’ll find it easy to take a quick tour of Agile Results.  Here is my quick tour guide:

Quick Tour of Agile Results

You will find resources galore:

There is even a manifesto for Agile Results:

Agile Results Manifesto

You will also find free eBooks:

30 Days of Getting Results Free eBook (PDF)

Getting Started with Getting Results the Agile Way Free eBook (PDF)

And there is even free training:

7 Day Agile Results Jumpstart

30 Days of Getting Results