How To Be a Successful Individual Contributor at Microsoft

I wrote up my top 10 lessons learned in how to be a successful individual contributor at Microsoft on Sources of Insight.  Really, these lessons apply just about anywhere, and they especially apply in our new skills-for-hire economy.  Here is a quick summary of my lessons:

  • Lesson 1. Focus on strengths, limit liabilities.
  • Lesson 2. Scale yourself.
  • Lesson 3. Know what’s valued.
  • Lesson 4. Follow the growth.
  • Lesson 5. Model the best.
  • Lesson 6. Balance the hot spots.
  • Lesson 7. Manage your plate.
  • Lesson 8. Stay in the game.
  • Lesson 9. Drive or be driven.
  • Lesson 10. You’re the sum of your network.

For elaboration on these lessons, check out my post Proven Practices for Individual Contributors.  If you like the post, be sure to check out my related posts:

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