Now Available: Layered Architecture Sample for .NET 4.0

Serena Yeoh just released her Layer Architecture Sample for .NET 4.0 (July 2010), which targets the .NET Framework 4.0.  Serena is one of our MCS (Microsoft Consultant Services) consultants in the field working with customers on a regular basis, and she was a key contributor of our Microsoft patterns & practices Application Architecture Guide.

Here is a description of the project according to Serena:
The Layered Architecture Sample is designed to demonstrate how to apply various .NET Technologies such as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Windows Form, ASP.NET and ADO.NET Entity Framework to the Layered Architecture Design Pattern. It is aimed at illustrating how code of similar responsibilities can be factored into multiple logical layers which are applicable in most of today's enterprise applications. The primary objective of the sample is to focus on layering and therefore, certain cross-cutting functionalities have been omitted to maintain its simplicity.

What’s New for This Version of the Sample

  • Business Entities now use ADO.NET Entity Framework POCO
  • Upgraded Workflow Services to WF4
  • Data Context moved to Data Layer
  • Layer Diagram included
  • Upgraded ASP.NET Web client using new VS template
  • Auto-refresh in ASP.NET Web clients
  • New WPF Expense Submitter client

Key Links

I’ll be curious to hear three things you like about it and three things you would improve?