Top Posts of 2010

This is a roundup of my top posts on this blog for 2010.    My top posts are based on value rather than pure traffic, although I use traffic as an input.  I base the value simply on feedback, reuse, contribution in a domain, hallway conversations, etc.  The goal is simply to surface some posts that you might have missed, remind you of some of the posts that you may have found useful, and to let you know which posts others found to be useful.

While going through my stats, I did find some surprises.  For example, I didn’t expect my 40 Hour Work Week at Microsoft to hit 20k views.  I expected posts like Agile Security Engineering, Customer-Connected Engineering, or Microsoft Application Platform at a Glance to potentially see that kind of traffic.  And while I wasn’t surprised that my Trends for 2010 post had a lot of traffic, I was surprised that it was 30k views.  That just seems like a lot of traffic.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2010

  1. 40 Hour Work Week at Microsoft
  2. Agile Security Engineering
  3. Customer-Connected Engineering
  4. Developer Guidance Maps Roundup for ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Silverlight, Windows Azure and Windows Phone
  5. Microsoft Application Platform at a Glance
  6. Pragmatic Patterns
  7. The Agile Way
  8. The Power of Blue Books for Platform Impact
  9. Trends for 2010
  10. Windows Azure Application Patterns

Runner ups …

  1. 3 Flavors of Information Architecture
  2. Application Types - The Early Years
  3. ASP.NET Code Samples Collection
  4. ASP.NET Developer Guidance Map
  5. Best Practices on the patterns & practices Team
  6. Career Growth
  7. Cloud Defined
  8. Cloud Security Threats and Countermeasures at a Glance
  9. Developer Guidance IA at a Glance
  10. Extreme Programming (XP) at a Glance
  11. Finding Your Strengths
  12. Information Design, Navigation Design, and Graphic Design
  13. Key Questions for a PM at patterns & practices
  14. MSDN Developer Centers at a Glance
  15. Now Available: Windows Azure Security Notes PDF
  16. patterns & practices Catalog by Year
  17. patterns & practices Security Guidance Roundup
  18. Patterns and Practices for Personal Productivity
  19. Scenario Tools for Product Design and Engineering
  20. Scrum Flow at a Glance
  21. Silverlight Developer Guidance Map
  22. Simple IA
  23. Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  24. Success Patterns for Web Sites
  25. Visual Model of Cloud Computing
  26. What is a PM?
  27. Windows Azure App Types
  28. Windows Azure How-To Index
  29. Windows Azure Platform at a Glance
  30. Windows IA (Information Architecture)
  31. Windows Phone 7 Developer Guidance Map v2
  32. Workshop Planning Framework - The Six P's