Trends for 2013 at a Glance

Is your city smarter than a 5th grader?   This is a serious and significant post everything from Smart Cities to the top 4 mega-trends shaping technology for the next 10 years.  It’s the key trends for 2013 at your fingertips:

If you’ve ever seen my trends posts before, you know they are serious business.   I actually went even further with my trends for 2013 post.  I wanted to really dive deep into what’s going on.   I used a master/detail or hub/spoke model for organizing the trends.   This way, you can very quickly scan through to see the breadth and depth of trends for 2013, and then dive deeper and explore more after you take the balcony view.

I draw from multiple sources and multiple people, as well as my own experience to really paint a picture that’s forward-looking and helps showcase key challenges and opportunities.

The best thing I see for this year to come is that it’s the year of the Entrepreneur, whether that means becoming a Linchpin in your organization, starting your own passion business, or innovating as an intrapreneur in your company.   You have a lot of tools, techniques, insights, and technologies to change your products and processes to deliver better, faster, and cheaper in our fast-paced, rapidly changing world.

Explore Trends for 2013, and be sure to share with anybody you know who wants to take a look ahead.