Why We Are Moving to the Cloud: Agility, Economics, and Innovation

Note: This article is updated at Why We are Moving to the Cloud: Agility, Economics, and Innovation.

I was reading the IT Showcase’s page on the Cloud platform.

I really liked the simple little story around why we are moving to the Cloud:

“Three words: Agility, economics and innovation. Cloud technology satisfies the CEO's desire for greater business agility, the CFO's desire to streamline operations, and the CMO's desire for a more innovative way to engage customers.”

Some people move to the Cloud because they see an ROI play.  Others move because they see opportunity cost.  Others move simply because they don’t want to be left behind.

The most common reason I see is business agility and to stay relevant in today’s world.

People are using the Cloud to re-imagine the customer experience, transform the workforce and employee productivity, and to transform operations and back-office activities.

In all cases, these transformations lead to business-model innovation and new opportunities to create and capture value.

Value is a moving target and the Cloud can help you stay in the game.

Are you in the game?

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