I just fixed a bug in the DslDesignerExtensionForModelBus sample

After my attention was drawn by a question on the forum (StateKind Enumeration), I discovered a bug in the DslDesignerExtensionForModelBus sample. Apparently there is no relationship between a problem on the DSL Tools Lab, and the DslDesignerExtensionForModelBus. Well, there is: the extension is always there (if it is active), and monitors your model changes in the Dsl Designer even if you have not enabled your DSL to the modelbus yet.

I just uploaded an updated version of this sample, available from the VsVmSdk site on the code gallery (Downloads tab)


I’d like to thanks all of you who are reporting the problems you meet with our tools and samples, this really helps us improving the SDK. The next improvement on my list concerns the following forum question “AdapterManager helper always creates new model in the root project directory” which will lead to an update to both the StateMachineOverModelBus sample, and the DslDesignerExtensionForModelBus.