Windows Phone 7

I recently got the newly released Windows Phone 7 (the Samsung Focus). So far, I love it! This is my first smart-phone.  It’s nice to join the 21st century.

I’m also poking around with how to write apps for it. It was easy to download C# Express and WP7 tools and get started with the emulator.

  1. I started with ScottGu’s blog announcing the release of WP7 Dev tools. You can download the tools here.
  2. I did the “My first WP7 app” tutorial, which shows hosting a web browser control. It worked flawlessly in the emulator.
  3. I also looked at Scott’s blog on writing a Twitter app.
  4. This is a nice MSDN summary of basic tasks.

WP7 user apps are written in WPF (or XNA). I never really needed WPF when writing debugging stacks, so I’m feeling the pain from the learning curve here.