Team Foundation Server 2008 Disaster Recovery

As I mentioned some time ago I have been writing a few documents to compliment the official documentation.  I figured I would start with a flourish and post this document first.  I have pasted the Abstract below as a taster for the rest of the document:

The purpose of this document is to outline a disaster recovery strategy for Team Foundation Server and provide all the information required to implement the same. The purpose of the plan in this document is to get your TFS back online as soon as possible assuming your servers have been rendered inoperable due to unforeseen circumstances.

The premise is simple, how to setup and configure your instance of TFS for failover if your primary servers go down. The document includes recovering your instance to standby application and data tiers as well rather than just the application tier. This is provided as-is without warranty, please test before implenting!

Comments welcome, enjoy.


Disaster Recovery Plan for Team Foundation Server 2008.docx