Everyone Loves More Code Samples!

Since I've last blogged, we've released 7 more How-To's on the Office Developer How-To Center giving you a total of 9 code samples with accompanying videos, articles, and resources. The topics range from the new Open XML file formats presented by MVP Ken Getz, customizing the Office 2007 fluent user interface, as well as several topics on Word such as working with Content Controls. In the next few months, we have many more coming in the areas of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (including Enterprise Search, the Business Data Catalog and Excel Services), Excel, Access, InfoPath, Windows SharePoint Services, some more Word as well as Visual Studio Tools for Office in areas such as Deployment, configuration and coding.

I've just released a logical architecture diagram of Office 2007 which shows how the pieces all fit together. It's available for download here. (sorry it's cut off a bit, you'll have to download it to see the extensibility options for each of the products below such as SOAP and OM...couldn't quite fit).