SharePoint 2010 User Profile Synchronization Services


I was working on syncing user profiles from AD into a test SharePoint 2010 instance when I ran into the infamous error  (An update conflict has occurred and you must re-try this action)

“shown below”:


What a nasty looking error!

What is the fix that worked for me??

  1. stop the timer service on all your SharePoint 2010 servers image
  2. add the user account that will run the “User Profile Synchronization Service” to the local admins of each and ever SharePoint 2010 server
  3. set both FIM services to automatic on the server that will run the service “mine was INDEX01” – NOTE, do not change the user account or try to start the service, just set it to automatic!
  4. Start the timer service on all your SharePoint 2010 servers “it does not matter which order”
  5. Go to Central Admin – System Settings – Manage Services on Server – select INDEX01 “or the server that will run the service” – and click Start next to User Profile Synchronization Service.
  6. Wait about 5 to 10 minutes “mine took close to 10”
  7. Refresh the page and you will notice that the service is started


I then removed the service account from the local admins group on each server and restarted the service “Stop / Start” from within Central Admin and everything started fine.  There is no need to leave the account in local admins.

Hope this helps someone else!