Why Microsoft Dynamics GP partners should consider adding a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online practice

Over the years you have become a successful Microsoft Dynamics GP partner. Your customers appreciate what you do, but maybe something is missing from your customer engagements? Have you ever successfully closed a Dynamics GP ERP deal, but then wondered as you left the customer if you could have sold more product to their sales force as well?


After you have successfully deployed Dynamics GP to your customer, could you add further value if you could also sell Dynamics CRM Online to their sales team? You know that Microsoft has been very successful selling Dynamics CRM through our partner channel. Could you as a Dynamics GP partner be our next Dynamics CRM partner success story?


As a Dynamics GP partner, you already have built up many of the skills needed for successful Dynamics CRM consulting, such as the ability to not simply sell and deploy a technology, but actually understand and communicate the business value to your customer as well as determine any business pain they are feeling and how to address and fix it. As a seller you already know how to run a successful Dynamics GP sales team. Therefore, could you use these selling skills to talk to a customer about how Dynamics CRM could help them sell more?


If you are interested in growing your business further with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, contact the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online partner recruit team to learn what the next steps are. After all, perhaps your customer base is already thinking about implementing a CRM system and are just waiting for you to ask them for the opportunity. You can read about some recent success for Dynamics CRM at this link - https://news.microsoft.com/2014/10/08/CRMOctPR/


We look forward to talking with you and perhaps if you onboard with us, one day your new Dynamics CRM Online sales team will come to you and report…hey, we managed to close that Dynamics CRM Online deal and now the customer wants to talk with us about an ERP system with Microsoft Dynamics GP!


To contact the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online partner recruit team, send an email to GPandCRMOnline@microsoft.com and a Microsoft representative will reach out to you.


Let’s talk!