What if tomorrow never came?

Okay, I suck as a blogger. No way to deny it. My last post (from 11/27/05) ended with "More tomorrow..." and then silence. I've got a lot of good excuses (including the dog ate my blog server) but I'll save 'em for the next time I screw up. Let's just say that we're super busy getting the best version of Word ever ready for you.

So, am I really going to blog? Well, yes and no. I and others from the Word team will be blogging on the cool new stuff in Word 2007, but we will probably start in earnest closer to the beta 2 release date. If you want to get on the list for beta 2 then make sure and register now.

Thanks for your patience and the nice emails I've recieved with all your questions and feature suggestions. Keep 'em coming!