Shorties 001: In the news…

Africa Is a Land of Immense Opportunity for Microsoft

Seattle Times - Mar 16, 2013

Microsoft considers Africa a "game changer in the global economy" and is starting a big push to grow its markets on the continent.

Microsoft Researchers Make Mobile Payments Easy - Mar 15, 2013

Microsoft researchers have developed a mobile payment system that could make a splash on the Windows Phone platform, enabling users to pay for goods without lifting a finger.

Windows 8 App Can Help Users Save Energy

Neowin - Mar 16, 2013

The Microsoft Windows Energy Calculator for Windows 8 and Windows RT can help computer users calculate how they can save energy via server virtualization.

High Priest of App Design, at Home in Philly

Wall Street Journal - Mar 17, 2013

Application builder Loren Brichter isn't a household name, but some of the features he has created are part of the daily routines of millions of people using smartphones.