Forums SP3 Deployed - Paste Code Snippets in the Forums

I've gotten the message so many times it's ridiculous--the MSDN Forums display emoticons in the middle of code snippets.  Nothing, I mean nothing, will make a developer more mad than a cutesy little light bulb rendering in the middle of their carefully constructed code snippet that they made in the forums.  (Apparently "[i]" is shorthand for light bulb in emoticon-speak...who knew?)

I'm happy to say that the forums team successfully deployed a fix for this (and a bunch of other bugs) today.  The release is officially called "Service Pack 3", but to me, it's an important milestone.  SP3 is the first release from the forums team that includes code and fixes that were contributed by my team.  If you enjoy the editor fixes, you can thank Kannan, who stayed up many late nights making this work.

Another noteworthy addition to the forums is the new "Code Snippet" button.  Basically, this button will mark a block of code that you might have typed or copy/pasted from Visual Studio.  Here's a screenshot:

Note:  if you're a Firefox user, I've been told that you should clear your cache to properly view the site.

Thanks again to everybody: (Ji Zhang and entire ATC team, Alan Griver for getting us code access, Penny Parks and Lisa Ambler for politely answering all of my pushy emails, and most of all Kannan and John on my team for their tireless effort making these fixes happen.)