Microsoft Forums MSN Search Tool

I've blogged about using macros to make searching the forums a breeze, but the feedback I've gotten is that the macros themselves are difficult to create, especially for the forums.  It's a pain to troubleshoot whether or not the queries are working, and how exactly to use the meta tags (do I use spaces or plus signs or quotation marks or...)

I spent an hour last week playing with the MSN/Windows Live Search meta tags, and I created a small tool that constructed these complex queries for you and launches a browser window to run a search on MSN against your search terms.  MSN Search also allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds for a particular search, and these searches are no different.

The tool can be downloaded here:

I'm still working on the tool, and I'll post updates, but I wanted to get something out there so people could start getting use out of this tool.  Any feedback or suggestions are welcome!