Eve of SQL Rotation 9 and planning for future rotations

The ninth rotation of the SQL Microsoft Certified Masters program begins Monday.  I'm really looking forward to meeting this next batch of candidates and future MCMs.  A few days ago I drew up a summary of each attendee's experience and background and then emailed it to our instructors.  I wanted the instructors to know about the significant accomplishments of the incoming group and also let them get a feel for their background and strengths.

This rotation starts up only a month after the previous rotation.  In the future we'll be spacing the rotations more evenly apart.  On the subject of schedules, we've added a Winter 2011 session to the previously announced sessions.  The MCM registration page will reflect this new addition in a few days, but in the meantime, here are the dates for Rotations 10 - 12:

  • October 4 – 23, 2010
  • February 7 - 26, 2011
  • May 2 – 21, 2011

Although Rotation 9 starts only a few weeks after Rotation 8, we did get in a few changes and suggestions based on feedback from the previous rotations (one of the bigger changes involved refactoring the content for the High Availability day - which I myself am looking forward to watching). 

Okay, time to pack my bags and get ready for the MCM marathon...