Second batch of SQL MCM Readiness Videos now Released

We just added another 23 videos on Technet – making it a total of 56 videos available as of today. The new videos cover storage core concepts & guidelines, DAS vs SAN architecture, storage testing and monitoring, index internals, the clustered index debate, statistics, locking, restore internals, Waits and Queues, a clustering introduction, SQLOS concepts, database mirroring, multi-server management, PBM and Resource Governor.

A few things to be aware of:

· The main landing page shows a rotating random video, followed by 10 of the most recently posted videos.

· The “more” link leads to the full list of available videos (56 videos as of today). By the way - this link is an XML page – which is by design for Technet.

· Each individual video page has the option of streaming the page in the browser or downloading video or audio files in varying formats (typically about 10+ download links per video). Right now this means there are 560+ individual links that get updated by the Technet team. Although I do random checks upon publication, I definitely don’t test every link. There have been instances of broken links or other bugs – so if you find them, please ping me directly and I’ll investigate and submit a fix request to the Technet team. Depending on when an issue is found it can take a couple of days to fix, but it will get fixed.

I hope you find these videos to be valuable (whether or not you use them for SQL MCM readiness).