Aggiorno - Improving the web one tag at a time.


That's there motto anyway.

It's actually a very interesting product from my friends at ArtinSoft.

  • Add Alternate Text To Image
  • Assign Tab Index
  • Convert Text To XHTML List
  • Convert Text To XHTML Paragraphs
  • Extract And Merge Inline Style
  • Fix Deprecated Elements For XHTML Compliance
  • Replace CENTER Tag By Inline CSS
  • Replace FONT Tag By Inline CSS
  • Update Deprecated Attributes
  • Update Other Deprecated Tags
  • Fix Syntax Errors For XHTML Compliance
  • Fixed Malformed Entities
  • Replace Characters With Entities
  • Make Tags Lowercase
  • Make Attributes Values Quoted
  • Use Default Attribute Values
  • Fix Tag Structure For XHTML Compliance

Aggiorno is an extension to Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. Find out more about Aggiorno here