Couch Desk - 'Cause I gotta go home at night.


If you're like me, after dinner it’s back to work.

Duringthe day it’s recording videos, and phone calls most of the day.

Night time is research, coding, learning, etc….

While my office is only a few minute walk from my house, I like to be in the house at night so I can hear the kids play. They run in and out of my den or turn my TV to the Disney Channel  

Sitting on the couch with my laptop isn’t comefortable and the laptop on my lap doesn’t really work either.

I recently found this “Lap Desk”.

It’s the second of these type of products that I’ve tried. The first was junk, but this one is cool.

It’s light but pretty firm and it’s vented so your lap doesn’t sweat. It’s also wide enough for my Trackball or my mouse dock.

So now I can sit back and comefortably type away.

Check it out HERE.